Fresh Strawberry Cream-Cheese Cake Pops

After making our first cake pops last week, we were excited to try a new recipe!  We knew we wanted to do something with strawberry cake but were hoping to find a good recipe that used fresh strawberries.

Step 1:  Make the cake and the frosting.

I looked around and found an awesome fresh strawberry cake recipe at the Foodie Bride Blog!  It calls for fresh, organic (or just fresh, ripe) strawberries!  I decided to go with Foodie Bride’s cream cheese frosting to mix into the strawberry cake.

For the cake and frosting recipes I used, please visit  the Foodie Bride site.

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Cream Cheese Frosting

Important Note:  I only made 1/2 of the frosting in the Foodie Bride recipe.  I also added a couple of TBSP of strawberry puree to the frosting for color and taste.  If it makes your frosting too liquidy, add more powdered sugar to desired consistency.

We started with fresh, organic strawberries.

And let them soak in 1/2 C of sugar for a couple of hours.  Then, I pureed them in a food processor.

Made the strawberry cakes….such a pretty light pink color!

And made the fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting…..

Step 2:  Once the frosting is done and the cakes are cool, break the cake up into the mixer bowl on top of the frosting and mix them together thoroughly.

Step 3:  Roll the dough into balls and set atop parchment paper.  Insert the lollipop stick into each about 2/3 of the way through.  Chill for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 4:  Melt the chocolate.  We used Bakers Premium White Chocolate and also Bakers Semi-Sweet Chocolate.  I broke the bars down into a glass bowl and melted the chocolate by microwaving for 30 seconds (once to start).  Mix it.  Then, microwave in 15 second intervals followed by mixing until completely melted (but not burned).

We used chocolate sprinkles to dip.  I ran out of white chocolate, so I melted the semi-sweet chocolate in the same way described above and dipped the remaining cake pops in it.

Step 5:  Place dipped cake pops on parchment paper lined tray and chill for a couple of hours or more.

I had no idea if the strawberry cake recipe or cream cheese recipe I found online would work for this cake pop experiment when I started.  These have been tested on several “focus groups” (my neighbors, my coffee shop crew, my kids and their friends) and the reviews have been highly favorable.  🙂

I will definitely make these again.  If I’m pressed for time, I might just make the awesome cake and cream-cheese frosting recipe from Foodie Bride.

If you try these, please feel free to shoot pics to and I’ll add it to our growing album of Critters and Crayons Fan Hopeful Cooking and Craftless Crafting photos!

Happy Cooking!  Hope it’s good!

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